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How could you do this to me?
I’m a fucking train wreck.

How could you do this to me?
I’m a fucking train wreck.

I think about you moaning my name.

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*No one will ever be as pretty as my little girl.

*I’ll watch her favorite movies with her. Even if she wants to watch them three times in a row.

*I will hold her hand when she’s happy, and I will hold it when she’s sad. I will hold her hand always.

*I will help her buckle her seatbelt, because I want my little girl to be safe.

*I’ll help her brush her hair.

*I promise to learn the names of all her stuffed animals.

*I want to give her bubble baths! With candles! And rubber duckies!

*She will be Daddy’s angel. And Daddy’s princess. And Daddy’s spoiled little brat. And sometimes she will even be Daddy’s naughty little girl.

*I will tell her to eat her vegetables or else no ice cream (I’m a mean Daddy sometimes).

*I’ll help her reach for things that are too high up.

*We will go on picnics, and she will bring her favorite blanket and stuffed toy.

*I want to take her to parks, to the zoo, to open fields, and see her eyes widen with amazement.

*I’ll hold her hand when we cross the street together.

*I want to hear her say that boys are mean and no boy will ever be as awesome as her Daddy.

*She will sit on my lap because that is the safest place for a little girl.

*I will have many different bandaids for my little girl, because sometimes she’ll be in a princess mood, sometimes hello kitty, and sometimes SpongeBob. A kiss on top of a bandaid makes an ouchie go away.

*I want to come home to a little girl yelling “Daddy you’re home!” and coming to hug my arm.

*I will check under her little bed for monsters. No monsters will get to my little girl! I will fight them all off.

*I promise to never buy RoseArt crayons. Nothing less than Crayola for my babygirl.

*The worst punishments for my little girl are keeping smoochies from her. But when she is good again, I’ll give her twice as many.

*I will always protect my little girl.

*I want to tell her to stop pouting or else her face will get stuck like that and hear her giggle.

*We will go to PetsMart just to pet the kitties! Or puppies! Or both!

*I will talk to her about her hopes and dreams and I will make them all come true.

*I’ll color with her if she wants, because Daddies are still cooler and stronger than Superman even when they’re coloring.

*I will help her tie her shoes, even if it means I have to get on my knees. Daddies have to do that sometimes.

*I promise to hug her and shield her from the yucks when the world isn’t as happy as she wants it to be.

*If she’s being bratty, that means she wants attention. How can I not give attention to my little girl?!

*I’ll give her kisses good night, tuck her in, and tell her lots of stories.

*Daddies never break Daddy promises.

I just want to make her feel safe, and loved, and beautiful.


do you ever just read one little thing that kills you inside

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I’m torn between wanting to cuddle with you while drinking tea and playing Xbox and wanting to fuck you on every possible surface in my house

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im such a sarcastic bitch it’s beautiful

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